What if you have no money, but still want to start selling hair? No money but you have an idea to change the hair market? Should you give up, should you keep on having two jobs to make a living? No need to give in, because there is a way to start selling hair, even if you have no money!

Many girls and women contact me to ask how much money they need to start a hair business. It all depends on the kind of store you want, the hair your clients are looking for and how you want to market your hair.

Thank to the internet, you can have a start of your hair business, even if you have no money to start. No money, is no longer a showstopper. On the contrary, it will make you think twice before you spend money on any topic. This will help you to make a good profit.

Free insight about your clients’ needs

Let starts with your clients, it is very important to start with the most important people in the world, or at least business world. Those who are going to keep your business going. Your Ideal Clients. You can analyse their needs very easily. Start with your friends, go our shopping and listen to their remarks when you all enter a beauty and hair store. Or when you go to the salon, talk with the ladies about their hair needs, where they buy their weaves and what they like and do not like. Write everything down and define your Ideal Client. This valuable information is all yours even if you have no money.

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Hair suppliers

Know you know what your ideal client likes, how and where they search for the hair and other beauty solutions, the kind of solutions you can offer that is a perfect match for their needs. Now you can start to look for suppliers. Search the internet, make a long list first with all possible hair wholesale stores. Write as many suppliers down as possible. Later you are going to contact them and ask them all questions you can think of. Only those who answer in a swift and polite manner will end up on the short list. This list you can use to discuss your first order.

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Market the hair

If you have found the right hair contact the supplier and request permission to publish their images of hair on your social media or website. If you found the hair your ideal client like, you will get inquiries about the hair. This interest you can use to create a list of leads, people who are interested in your hair product and whose email or WhatsApp number you will have. You can start to keep the conversation with these people, until they are ready to buy.

You know Social Media is for free and there is a lot of information on the internet on how to sell on social media.

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No Money, no problem if you want to design a webstore as selling machine!

Now you did all the preparation needed for a successful hair business. You know who wants to buy from you, you know the hair they like, and you have social media up and running. The final step is to see if you can start selling the hair to a bigger audience. Now I recommend trying the best ecommerce platform of the business, Shopify. You can make you own hair store, for free during the first 14 days. Make sure you did all the preparations, so when you start your own shop you can enjoy getting sales right from day one!

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Please let me know, will this help you to start selling hair, even if you have no money?