Work at home selling hair with little money

You love hair, you are full of passion to make others look and feel good so they feel more confident and to work on the latest hair styles. Why don’t you turn all this passion into a work at home job, a successful work at home job! No money? No problem in this post you can read how to start your work at home job without spending any money on buying hair extensions!

To start a business in the hair industry you need money to buy extensions to sell to your clients, but what if you only have little money? Will this imply you can’t start your work at home job in the beauty industry?
Wrong again, thanks to the internet you can start an online service for women or men who want to look and feel awesome, anywhere you live and your fans and clients can also come from all over the world.

How do you start your work at home job?

There are only 4 things you have to think about, how to
• Know who will be your client
• Make sure you can work at home
• Make your clients happy
• tell the world you are there

Who is your client

For every business, at home or in a store, it’s the most important issue to tackle. Who will be your client. If you want to sell your advice to anybody, it will be much more difficult, believe me. Focus on a certain group of women or men. This will help you to know what they like and where they are interested in, more than looking great. If you have a person in mind, you can start to compose your marketing messages in a way, at a time and at the online locations where this client will be most of her time. Time is a precious good, so make sure, even if it’s your own time, you dedicate this to events that will generate the most impact.

So, step one. Who are you going to make happy?

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Work at home

The most difficult place to work from is your home, not because it is not well decorated, but because there is so much distraction in your home. If you think of the dish wash you still have to do, quickly do some shopping or to finish that drawing together with your 3-year-old. Very pleasant and useful things, but killing to make your work at home job successful.

Make good arrangements with your family, when can they disturb you and when should they just have to wait. Is there nobody else in the house who can do the dish wash?

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If you want to launch your business now!

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And if you think this is all very challenging, you could consider to start a PA service for people who work at home.

Make your clients happy without spending too much money

Now this is the most interesting part if you start a work at home job, what will make your clients happy and not only turn them into returning and loyal visitors of your website or Facebook. But how to make them purchase from you or the merchants you offer products from, especially if you do not have the money to buy the extensions at the first place.

The first step of this post helped you to know what your fans or clients are looking for. They want the latest trends in hair, they are only interested in celebs hair extensions styles or they need a personal stylist.

Why not starting a service where people share their story of their life with you and some pictures of themselves? Based upon the personality you see in the client you advice about the kind of hair style and what type of extensions and even where to get these extensions.
If you make an arrangement with the seller of the hair extensions, to get a fee for every bundle sold you can start a very nice, rewarding business without investing too much money. The best thing is, you do not even have to invest in inventory.

Better to invest in knowledge about hair styles, beauty trends and education. An awesome social media presence, get the shiniest Facebook page, or weblog and attract people. Start to talk with them and because you advise them for free, remember your earnings are in your referral fee from the extensions shop, in a short period of them you can build up a portfolio of happy clients. Do not forget to ask for before and after pictures of course and publish them on your website and social media.

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Tell the rest of the world you have eye for them

Now you know who your clients are, you have a good working place in your house and you have everything you need to make your clients happy, now it’s time to tell the rest of the world (or only your potential clients of course) you only have eyes for them.
Promote your Facebook page, webblog or youtube channel by using the right metatags and keywords. You know what your target clients are looking for, so it’s not that difficult to write blogs about those topics your clients are searching for, or to leave a comment on a blog that shares interesting posts about hobbies or interests your clients have. Make sure they see you, and they will come to you when they want free advice on how to get a confidence boost with your beauty advice, everything from work at home job!

Tell us when you are in business, good luck with your work at home job!

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