How to start selling hair with no money for ads

Spending lot’s of money on advertisements in the newspaper, Adwords and Facebook ads is a clear waist. How many responses did you get from your last Adwords Campaign. Except the invoice from Google?

There is a customer friendly and effective way on how to start selling hair with no money for advertisement. Content Marketing.

Why would you disturb your potential customer?

The traditional way of advertising is to interrupt the potential customer in her or his day to day routine. For example:

  • You watch a nice TV program “w’ll be back after this break”.
  • You are enjoying the sightseeing on holidays, huge billboards are blocking your way, telling you to consume some fast food.
  • Ads on your screen, showing you products you just bought, or your husband was looking for, but not you

The traditional way of selling by disturbance is not only less effective, it’s also expensive, because you also pay to show your message to people with no interest in your product.

If you are looking for a new product, do you call the sales guy of the shop that might sell the product. Or are you searching on the internet or you start talking to people you consider as the experts? I assume the latter.

Stop telling people they should buy your amazing bundle deal, now! Help them to make the right decision. Give the advice, allow them to benefit from your expertise. Stop selling hair with no money for ads.

Help instead of sell, to sell your hair

How to start selling hair with no money

The whole story starts with your ideal customer. It’s time to have a good talk with your current customers, what are their demographics, what are their fields of interests, why they need the hair for, what are the obstacles or problems they face. Many, many questions, that will help you to know your client better.

Now you understand your client, you should know not everybody is searching the internet to buy hair. Take for example a girl who just heard her boyfriend asking her “Will you marry me?”.

First thing after she appt her best friends, is to start searching for how to look great on her wedding. How to organize the party, how to invite the guests etc. In this phase your ideal client is not ready yet to buy hair, she has too many things to deal with, she is orientating, not buying.

But.. in the back of her mind the desire to look gorgeous on this day has been born. She will find your webstore if she searches for “my wedding day” and you have a great blog about how clients has organised their own wedding day. No need to start selling but help her in sharing ideas about the most important day of her life.

Now she will start to make a list of things to do, the location, the dress, the invitation etc. And of course how she wants to look that day. Again she is not ready to buy, but she knows what she is looking for and she has the need to categorize everything she has to do, what is available at what conditions etc. Now you help her to share customer reviews about your Bridal package, but also to share the conditions and advice on how to plan everything. Your ideal client is ready to make a short list of hair stylists and she will run into your site, again!

The last phase is to consider what to buy for the wedding and part of that is of course the hair treatment. Now she will look on her short list, and your hair store has already shown up twice on her search results. Now she will check the price and compare with others on her short list. If you have an attractive blogpost or landing page about how the two most important days of her life will look like, the wedding and the day she is doing her hair, you know she will pick you as her hair stylist for the day and she will buy your hair extensions.

How much did this cost you?

Nothing, except for three blogposts that were dealing exactly with the questions your ideal client was facing. No advertisement, no google AdWords, no disturbance, but just the right content at the right moment did the trick.

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Now you know how to start selling hair with no money for advertisement. So are you ready to start selling hair? Start a Blog and start selling with Content Marketing, click to see how it works for you


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