It´s fun to post pictures of hair extensions on your Facebook page, because you want people to buy your hair. But what if only a small number of people see your pictures or you get no comments on it at all? Sorry to say but you will not get more clients by simply posting more pictures of hair.

You can get more reactions, if you follow the next five steps.

  1. First of all be social yourself too

Facebook keeps a balance of the postings you (and other users) will see, too many postings might cause people to miss information that is important for them. But if people find to little interesting postings on their timeline, they will not return to Facebook because there is too little news.

So a very important factor for Facebook to share your post is if users had interaction with your page before. Because a like, a comment or click indicates your postings are relevant for that person.

So make sure you share content that is rich for your target audience. Analyze your statistics and re-use postings that attract a lot of interactions and reduce postings that did not trigger any response. It also helps to visit the pages of your followers and interact with their postings. After all it´s called social media.

  1. Only post content on Facebook the way your clients like

There are many ways to share content on Facebook, a photo, a question, a status, a Flash, a Video or a link to a website or blog.

Facebook likes to share content in a type your fans liked before, so it´s useful to analyze what type of content your audience prefers to click on.

If they like your pictures a lot, be sure this will have the focus of Facebook to share your postings with others.

  1. Think about the friends of your fans too

If your clients like your post, there is a big change their friends like it too

Invest in original news, news that is interesting for your fans will most probably also be interesting for their friends and at the same time old news will be shared with nobody.

So it´s okay to post news from other websites or Facebook pages, but make sure to post original content or if you are the first to spread the news, your postings will be shared by Facebook to more people than only your fans.

  1. Think before you post!

If your fans did not like a post, or even reported it for inappropriate content, Facebook will do everything possible to avoid your fans to see similar content. So be careful not to be too enthusiastic when you place a post. Think before you post any content!

  1. Be the first

Your fans want new stuff, so old news will be shared to a smaller audience. Do not reuse content but share new and hot items.

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