Your clients are like ordinary people, they buy hair going through different stages. How great would it be if they allow you to join them when they go through these stages? This will allow you to know what they like, they need and do not think is important. That would be awesome! Because you will only have to share the information they need to seduce them to end buying your hair! If you agree, why don’t you invest more time to understand them?
Impossible to understand your visitors? Wrong. Thanks to Google Analytics you can see the stages your website visitors take before they buy hair. Read further if you want to use this to improve your sales.
The acquisition stage
The first stage, the acquisition stage, is all about building awareness. People in this stage are not searching for a specific product, but have a need they want to resolve. In this stage, you should focus on brand awareness. Share generic information about hair and beauty solutions.
The Behavior stage
In this stage people will engage with your business. They will use the information on your website to compare with offers from other hair or beauty-stores.
The Conversion stage
This is Bingo, now the visitor will perform an action on your website, this can be a sign up for your newsletter or a purchase of your hair!

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Sometimes in Marketing stages in between are identified, but in general you can use these three stages. In a brick and mortar store it’s sometimes very difficult to measure in what stage your visitors are. You need to talk to them all and find out where they are. But thanks to Google Analytics in the online world, you can learn more about the visitors than they themselves know.

You can learn know how to adapt your offer to get more sales. For example, if people from out of town show a growing interested in your hair offer. You can use this information to make a special offer for them. A tailor-made advertisement campaign anything that uses the interest from this group. For HowToSellHairExtensions I noticed a growth of interest for selling hair extensions by women from Kenya. So, I started to write some specific postings for them, and these items do very well, Even for readers in the USA.

Tell me in the comments, do you already use Google Analytics to grow your business?