6 Great ways to fail your hair business, so do not do this at home!

You work hard to get the best hair extensions for your shop and you spend a lot of time to find clients, but sometimes your business is still not growing. We made a short list of 6 more practical issues that support the above mentioned main reasons. In many cases a non performing hair business suffers from (plus a tip to improve this):
1. Has insufficient capital, no clear use of cash flow projections
2. Is located on a poor location, you cannot be found by visitors that will actually buy from you. This applies both for brick and mortar salons and shops and for online hair shops. Figure out where your clients are, for online this is take into account not only information on hair extensions, but get noticed around topics like beauty or pets.

How to start selling hair without money

You have passion for hair and you like to make your friends look awesome! But you also want to make little money with your own hair business, or better more than a little bit of money. So how are you going to start selling hair, especially if you only have limited resources, not too much money and not too much time. Because a lot of our visitors have the same kind of question, how to start selling hair without money, I want to help you all.

Did you sell enough with your hair business this year?

If you want to grow your hair business to become the best shop of the neighborhood or town, or perhaps to generate enough money to support your family, you need to define goals. How much hair do you need to sell, how many customers do you need, what margin is enough to cover your expenses. Read how you can learn from the past to grow faster.

4 tips to get new clients for your hair extensions business by word of mouth

4 practical tips for setting up a referral scheme and to reward your clients
Word of mouth marketing is one of the strongest ways to get your hair not only under the attention of people new to your products, there is a higher chance they will also buy your hair, thanks to the recommendation from people they know and trust.
But how can you make your clients to share with others their good experience with your hair?